Many people, who are interested in ghost hunting, would just like the opportunity to spend some time in a place, where paranormal investigations have been conducted regularly every month. What more unique get-away experience than to spend the night at a slumber party with a group of friends in a creepy old hospital building?
Although haunted slumber parties were becoming popular as a laidback alternative to paranormal investigations, access to Yorktown Memorial Hospital is only available to responsible groups and individuals on a private rental reservation basis.

Yorktown Memorial Hospital is also a fun place to practice your film and photography skills, and we encourage our friends and fans to pitch in and help maintain and beautify the building and grounds in exchange for private access to the property for hobby activities and paranormal tours and investigations.
Please coordinate your plans and activities with Mike Henson at 210/748-4475.
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Spirit the donkey from Yorktown Hospital has reached celebrity status
after being featured on E! "The Soup".

the soup clip ghost adventures 3/25/11

the soup ghost adventures 3/25/11
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    Yorktown Memorial Hospital is privately owned and may be made available for rental for paranormal investigations and film making by reservation only.

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